CIG Musical Theatre Program

"Performance training is a tricky thing. Everyone needs to find their own route. They need to find what to improve and keep moving forward with what is already working for them. There is no one technique that works for everyone. My technique as a teacher/mentor is to help performers find their own technique/method. The goal is to provide each student with as many tools in their tool belt as possible. To that end; each student will have a one on one meeting with me to assess where they are and what their goals are. Then we set a plan. Together. Classes will then be designed and programmed based on the students for maximum effectiveness with every student able to focus on their goals and expand their tool kit." -Scott Lale


Music Theatre Program-Fall 2018

Classes to start in October as registration permits

Classes are 1 hour and scheduled Tuesdays at 7pm. The time(s) may adjust depending on registration.

This first session will run until December and culminate in small showcase presentation on the 11th.

Classes are $20/hour. 


Download the Registration Form for Musical Theatre Here

C.I.G. School Registration Form (docx)


For more information regarding C.I.G. School lesson fees, please contact us directly by email at: or by phone at 519-400-8114.

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