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Why Study at CIG School?


C.I.G. Music School offers the highest level of music lessons instruction through professional teachers in order to give you or your children skills and experience that will last a lifetime. 

Our Vision


​Here at C.I.G. Music School, we believe in the power of the artist to enrich the lives of others and spread an understanding of what the performing arts can do for a higher quality of life.

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Music Classes

Through outstanding, comprehensive education on various instruments and vocals for all ages, C.I.G. School of The Performing Arts nurtures talent and creativity; provides aspiring musicians with the skills to sustain professional careers; fosters lifelong involvement in music; and prepares students for artistic performance at the highest level, providing inspiration and enlightenment to regional, national and international communities.


Music Lessons Kitchener, Waterloo, Guelph

For more information regarding C.I.G. School lesson fees, please contact us directly by email at: info@cigschool.ca or by phone at 519-400-8114.